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2016 Cancer Wellness Series


There is more to healing than just medications and treatments. These FREE workshops can help you feel a sense of control in your life and build your confidence and emotional strength. This wellness series is designed for you, is facilitated by Harmony Hill, and is offered at no cost through Olympic Medical Cancer Center.

All of these workshops are held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. at the Medical Services Building, 840 N. 5th Avenue in Sequim.

Everyone may come for any or all of these workshops. Registration is appreciated, but drop-ins are always welcome. To register call our friendly, patient navigator assistant at (360) 582-5627 and let her know which workshops you'd like to attend and if you are bringing any of your support people with you.


Wednesday, February 17

Tools for the Journey

Learn practical resources and strategies for how to live fully despite the challenges of cancer.  Useful topics include breath work, guided imagery, group support and information about healing books and helpful resources. You will receive materials about self-care, as well as other valuable tools for your journey. This program will be led by a licensed professional with an extensive background in working with folks like you who are affected by cancer. 

Wednesday, March 16

Mindfulness, Meditation and Guided Imagery

Practice three healing tools to use in our daily life. When we are mindful we are aware of right now.  When we meditate we practice calming and relaxing our emotional and physical self. Guided imagery is used to strengthen our belief in our own healing power.  You will also learn how breathing can be used to reduce anxiety.

Wednesday, April 20

Healing Through Poetry and Humor

Explore the use of both poetry and humor as tools for healing. Cancer disconnects. Poetry can connect us through written expression, metaphor and images. "Poetry is a natural medicine that extends solace and relief, gives a cathartic voice to suffering, reveals insight, and shows us what it means to be human.” - John Fox, Founder of the Institute for Poetic Medicine. Studies have shown humor and laughter affect human physiology. Humor can reduce pain, strengthen the immune system, and decrease stress. Participants will be provided new poetry and humor resources on their journey from trauma to healing.

Wednesday, May 18

Life Review as a Healing Process

Now is a good time to review our life.  What is most important in your life today? What are your most impressive memories?  What is the most important role in your life?  What is left to do?  This workshop will give you time to review the wonder of your own life , focus on life right now, and  see what goals you may still want to achieve.

Wednesday, June 15

Stress & Trauma

For many people a diagnosis of cancer creates trauma. This workshop will explore trauma, stress and the disorder that cancer causes in people’s lives. We will also explore "Healing”: what it is for each person and offer ways to create healing on the journey through cancer. This workshop is beneficial to both those with a diagnosis and their caregivers.

Wednesday, July 20

Playful Movement / Gentle Movement

Much of our emotion, tension and stress are carried in our bodies. This will be a time of vocal and movement playfulness that will help to release stress and tension. Through laughter, gentle stretching and playfulness we will give you tools to release your stress and rejuvenate your energy.

Click for complete workshop schedule and registration info.

Wednesday, August 17

Life from Beginning to End

Now is a good time to review our life.  What is most important in your life today? What are your most impressive memories?  What is the most important role in your life?  What is left to do?  This workshop will give you time to review the wonder of your own life, focus on life right now, and  see what goals you may still want to achieve.

Wednesday, September 21

Tools for the Journey / Care for the Caregiver

For the Patients: Awareness Practice as a method of focusing attention inward. This particular way of attending to meaningful aspects of your life – your breath, emotions and sensations – have also been shown to reduce pain, ease anxiety and improve sleep.

For the Caregivers: Nurturing yourself, while providing care and support to another, is critical to the effectiveness and authenticity of your care. Explore ways in which you can cultivate nurturing practices, people, and places in your life that will fill your reservoir of energy for healthy living and caregiving.


Wednesday, October 19

Grief & Gratitude

In our daily life we experience both joy and loss, though we rarely pause to truly celebrate the joys or mourn the losses. When living with a cancer diagnosis, there are many losses that we experience along the journey. In this three hour session we will talk about the physical effects of grief and explore the benefits of claiming what has changed and creating rituals to support our journey.

Wednesday, November 16

Holidays are for Joy

Finding joy in the Holidays can be a challenge for  anyone, and sometimes especially so for those who are on the path of a cancer journey. Abiding joy often comes from a place within, being present to the moment and the simple beauty of life. Be reminded of that joy and learn practical ways to embrace every moment, in the Holidays and beyond.

Wednesday, December 7

Healing Through Art

The use of Expressive Art – Art making – is a powerful tool for healing. On the cancer path, it can be a window into a deeper place within us where we may access this life-force, tap into our own innate wisdom and strengthen our ability to deeply heal. In this workshop, we will use the practices of breath & guided meditation to quiet ourselves and to begin to drop into that inner deep place. From here, then, we will create, through collage-making a visual expression of what that looks and feels like. No art experience necessary!

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