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Occupational Therapy

For millions of people, the service of occupational therapy is a lifeline. It enables people of all ages to live life to its fullest by helping them promote health and prevent – or live better with – injury, illness, or disability.

At Olympic Medical, our occupational therapists will collaborate with your physician and other professionals to ensure a comprehensive approach. Our occupational therapy programs include stroke rehabilitation, orthopedic rehabilitation, low vision rehabilitation, arthritis management, driver’s readiness screenings, home safety evaluations, ergonomic evaluations and job modification, and pediatrics.

Occupational therapy doesn't just treat medical conditions, it helps people stay engaged in the activities that give them pleasure or a sense of purpose, despite challenges. Sometimes people need occupational therapy to do things others take for granted, like getting dressed, being productive at school or work, eating unassisted, even socializing.

“Occupational therapy addresses one of the most important aspects of rehabilitation and recovery – the return to a normal life,” says Ken Berkes, director of Olympic Medical Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation. “It is a practice deeply rooted in science and is evidence-based, meaning that the plan designed for each individual is supported by data, experience, and best practices that have been developed and proven over time,” adds Berkes.

People of all ages can benefit from occupational therapy, from a child who has behavioral or developmental problems that limit their educational progress to a grandparent recovering from surgery or a stroke. Occupational therapists help adults learn or regain skills that allow them to do meaningful things like working, driving, shopping or preparing a meal.

Occupational therapy also helps avoid health problems and makes it easier to live with them. Consider our growing senior population: Healthier people are living longer lives. Occupational therapy research proves that keeping people active and healthy as they age will improve their quality of life, as well as lower their health care costs. That is why there are occupational therapy programs focusing on wellness and prevention – to help seniors stay healthier and remain active in their homes and communities. Olympic Medical’s expertly trained therapists can also help make homes safer for people with reduced mobility and failing vision.

Occupational therapists consider the whole person when developing a therapy plan. The nature of the therapy depends on the individual and their environment.

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